AIS InPractice is a non-profit organization inspired by the idea to communicate latest research findings to inform practitioners. These findings are based on cutting edge research published in academic journals, and they are presented in their very essence and impact for practice.

Before joining forces with its sister initiative Science2Practice in January 2020, AIS InPractice started as a monthly online newsletter targeting practitioner audience of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), showcasing articles published in key Information Systems (IS) journals. Science2Practice was pioneered by the University of Liechtenstein and the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS). Since the union, we have been expanding the range of journals to include EJIS and all AIS-affiliated journals.

We invite authors to submit summaries for consideration in AIS InPractice. By publishing in AIS InPractice, you get free and organized publicity for your innovative studies. This, in turn, will allow more opportunities for your research to gain impact in the world of practice. Having key insights of your research accessible and understandable by both practitioners and fellow scholars will also support you in broadening your scientific discourse. Please feel free to contact the editors.

EJIS Editorial on Stimulating Dialog between Information Systems Research and Practice

Editorial Board

Dov Te'Eni Co-Editor

Tel Aviv University

Dennis Galletta Co-Editor

University of Pittsburgh

Jan vom Brocke Co-Editor

University of Liechtenstein

Stefan Seidel Co-Editor

University of Liechtenstein

Managing Editor

Leona Chandra Kruse Managing Editor

University of Liechtenstein

Associate Editors

Lena Hylving Associate Editor

Halmstad University

Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius Associate Editor

Halmstad University

Jan Mendling Associate Editor

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Lisen Selander Associate Editor

University of Gothenburg

Markus Weinmann Associate Editor

University of Liechtenstein

Advisory Board

Steven Alter

University of San Francisco

Niels Bjørn-Andersen

Copenhagen Business School

Alan R. Dennis

Indiana University
AIS President

Jane Fedorowicz

Bentley University

Ola Henfridsson

The University of Warwick

Iris Junglas

Florida State University

Wolfgang Ketter

University of Cologne

Helmut Krcmar

Technical University of Munich

Dorothy E. Leidner

Baylor University

Ephraim R. McLean

Georgia State University

Nigel Melville

University of Michigan

Michael Roseman

Queensland University of Technology

Cathy Urquhart

Manchester Metropolitan University

Richard T. Watson

University of Georgia


Michael Gau Research Software Engineer

University of Liechtenstein